Affiliate Bridge allows you to integrate affiliated items on your website.

How to use

  1. After installing and activating the Affiliate Bridge plugin, navigate to the plugin settings by pressing the settings link on the plugins section or navigating to it from the Setting Menu (Settings->Affiliate Bridge).
  2. On the setting page, set the default shortcode search attributes (Keyword, category, condition, number of items, etc.)
  3. Use the shortcode [affiliate-bridge] to show affiliated products. You can use the shortcode with the default settings or override the defaults with shortcode options. Paste the code anywhere on your site.


  1. Single item: [affiliate_bridge keywords=”murray tricycle” categories=”156524,159000″ size=”80%” items=”1″]
  2. Multi items: [affiliate_bridge keywords=”murray tricycle” categories=”156524,159000″ items=”4″]

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Minimum Requirements

  • WordPress 5.0.0 or later
  • PHP version 7.2 or later


Shortcode properties

  1. items – number of items to show. example: [affiliate-bridge items=”4″] (default = 1)
  2. size – image size. options are: small | medium | large. example: [affiliate-bridge size=”small”] (default = large)
  3. keywords – add search keywords (with spaces and other special characters). example: [affiliate-bridge keywords=”baseball cards”]
  4. framed – choose what kind of image frame to use. example [affiliate-bridge framed=”Y”]. (you can also use affiliate_bridge_image_style_override_custom filter to use your own customized CSS)
  5. categories – Category IDs, separated by a comma. Download eBay Categories. example [affiliate-bridge keywords=”baseball cards”]
  6. condition – product condition. options are All | New | Used. example [affiliate-bridge condition=”Used”] (default is All)
  7. defimage – link to default image. example [affiliate-bridge condition=””] (default is All)
  8. source – currently no use. will be added in future versions.